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A Community for and about Travel and Photography and is for anyone – artists, professionals, students, or armchair travelers – who loves to travel and document their journeys and daily lives through photography.


Kimberly Kradel :: Print Experiment
Photography | Site News

Making Prints

Are you looking for image prints that will bring nature into your living space? Have you seen a photograph on this site that is just what you are looking for? Prints are now available for some of the more thoughtful images that I’ve taken over the years. I’ve been wanting to offer these for quite […]

Photo Of The Day: Chinatown Squares
Culture | Photography | Travel

Photo Of The Day: Chinatown Squares

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take another walk around Chinatown with my camera. San Francisco’s Chinatown is not that big of a neighborhood, and many of the day-to-day scenes are similar if not downright the same. Once you’ve photographed Chinatown a few times, the images get fairly repetitious. But then, that’s where […]

Women In Photography

Women In Photography

OG Photography, in its base form, with film and chemicals and dark rooms, was the great equalizer. It was an art form where men and women could work side by side without the stigma of gender, without one being less, or more, than the other. OG Photography in its purest form was about who could […]

Exploring Yosemite In Black And White
Black/White Photography | Landscape | Photography | Travel

Exploring Yosemite In Black And White

Ansel Adams was on to something when he shot so many of his Yosemite images in black and white. It seems the landscape in the High Sierras was created for black and white photography. Being a photography student in the mid-seventies, black and white film was my go-to for making street, portrait, and landscape images. […]


I have never traveled because someone tried to sell me a destination. I’ve chosen my destinations to travel to because someone told me a good story or tall tale about their experience there, or they showed me a few of their magical and personal photographs. I’m attracted to a place because it’s an important contemporary art center or historical in some art or cultural or archaeological or spiritual way and often the experience of being in a landscape also inspires me while the deeper mystery of a destination is what pulls me there.

That’s what I try to share with my readers of this site.

— Kimberly Kradel, photographer and publisher

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Artists, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Performers, Creatives … it’s probably our intense curiosity about life that drives us to move about on the planet. Our need to experience the revitalization of Self attracts the artist in us to the road or the rail or the skies. In a way, traveling is very similar to the creation process – both are taking a leap into the unknown.

Within our travels we find the discovery of a new place, a new language, a new taste, a new way of seeing, or find new work methods that will ultimately, profoundly affect our work.

ARTIST-AT-LARGE is here to inspire and encourage you to open the door and step out into an unknown world – to transform – even if it is only by experiencing your own neighborhood.

The focus here is first and foremost selling images, but it’s also on presenting cultural travel writing and photography, bringing together travelers and photographers, and when we aren’t traveling we share our everyday lives, studio work and musings, as well our cultural walkabouts around our homelands.

You do not have to like the work on the site to be a part of the Community. You only have to be willing to participate.

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