Coming Soon!

I’ve spent a good part of the last eight years submitting my images to stock agencies. Over that time period the financial rewards have diminished and now don’t really reflect the effort it took to take the images, edit them, submit them, keyword and keep track of them.

Because of this, artist-at-large is starting its own stock image division, where images will be for sale primarily for personal and editorial, as well as some commercial, use.

The focus of this collection will be on travel and culture – which includes a wide range of topics from architecture to zoos. Well, maybe not zoos because I don’t like zoos … but you get the idea – a to z.

The beauty of creating this library is that the curating will now be in my hands. Unlike the agencies, I will also be able to add images that are limited in placement – like those images I take with my iPhone – but are still very much usable to illustrate blog posts and web sites.

So sit back and have a drink while I work in the background. I’ll let you know when it’s all ready.

Kimberly Kradel