ARTIST-AT-LARGE started its own stock image division in 2019, where images went up for sale primarily for personal and editorial, as well as limited commercial, use.

The focus of this collection is on travel and culture – which includes a wide range of topics from architecture to zoos. Well, maybe not zoos because I don’t like zoos … but you get the idea – A to Z.

One of my favorite methods of recording my travels is with my cameras. Throughout the years, I’ve traveled light, and only a few times have I traveled with my “big girl” cameras. I make a lot of point and shoot images while on the road, as a form of visual notetaking. I don’t think of these images as art, fine art, or art in any way, as my art is very different from the images here. That’s what being an ARTIST-AT-LARGE is all about, it’s making images at-large, outside the realm of art making. Often times these point and shoot images turned out rather OK. They can be used as web site content, as illustrations for a blog post, in power point presentations, in school projects, in tiny print material like business cards, personal greeting cards, or personal calendars.

There are thousands of images to edit, and I will continue to add images ongoing.

The beauty of creating this library is that the curating will now be in my hands. Unlike the agencies, I will also be able to add images that are limited in placement – like those images I take with my iPhone – but are still very much usable to illustrate blog posts and web sites.


Kimberly Kradel

Founder. Publisher. Artist. Writer. Photographer.

ARTIST-AT-LARGE is a tag line that was given to me by friends in the days after art school, (whoa, back in the mid-70s!) at a time when I moved to California via a Greyhound bus with only ten dollars in my pocket … there’s a story I haven’t written yet …

After graduating as a photography major from Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I went on to study for my B.A. in Studio Art/Painting, while dabbling in French and German as well as Congolese dance and drumming, at Sonoma State University in California.

I love the beauty of this world, and that includes even the grungy, weathered, beauty that comes from age and environment. I love landscape. I love peeling back layers – of time, of dimensions, of history, of color. I love making art and photographs and pushing boundaries and busting systems and supporting other people who do so too.

My work in internet technologies began in 1995. Before that I was working in publishing at a few local publishing houses – Osborne McGraw-Hill, Ulysses Press, and Lonely Planet – in various positions from answering phones to editorial research. My goal was to gain experience at all levels of publishing so I could run my own publishing empire one day. In the years leading up to that my life was all about paint, photography, dancing and drumming, and traveling around California. Working in the fields of corporate publishing, and then tech, gave me a way to sustain myself while creating art.

And, it led to the beginnings of ARTIST-AT-LARGE.

You can see my Fine Art Photography and Painting on my portfolio site.

Being at-large is a beautiful thing.

It means being on the loose, without a direction, without control, without a boundary, without a plan.

Being an artist-at-large is even more exciting when it is combined with the discipline of art, the freedom of travel, the history of culture, the desire of discovery, and the mysteries of the universe.

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