Here is a list of cameras and tech that I use to create images today, and those that I used to create the library of images that I’m posting in this site.

EOS 6D Mark II with an EF 24 – 105 L lens
I am very excited to start shooting with my new full frame camera. I was lucky enough to obtain a forgivable PPP Loan during the pandemic and it just covered the cost of the camera. I’ve begun shooting with it and getting used to having a big camera again. Looking forward to the images I will make and I’m really wanting to get back on the road!

I love the iPhone X. I can take images for Stockimo and for this site, IMAGES@ARTIST-AT-LARGE. If you are purchasing the full image here in the site, limit the size to about 10-inches on the long side, or, if you need something bigger, Use the Contact page to make a request.

Note: All of my camera gear was stolen in early 2019, along with my new-to-me art studio and home on wheels. During 2019 – early 2021, I’d been limited to using my iPhone X as my sole camera and I had to cancel all of my travel/photography plans for those years. The following cameras were used to take the smaller images on the site.

30D: Canon EOS 30D 8mp with an EF 24 – 105 L lens (stolen)
I bought the 30D when it first came out and used it for about twelve years. It was at its end of life, needed repair which the camera guys at the repair shop laughed at when I took it in, and I could still get a certain kind of image from it, so I was still using it.

PP: Canon PowerShotPro 8mp (stolen)
This was my first digital camera, one that I bought as an experiment to see if I wanted to move from analog/film to the digital realm. At the time I bought it, around 2005, it was a very high end point and shoot, lightweight, and easy to travel with. I could also make little movies with it. I loved it. All of my images from Mexico and Europe were taken with this camera.

Most of the images are only 180 dpi, that’s about as large as they will go without distorting.

iPhone4 (stolen)
I needed an iPhone so that I could take images for my the phone division of Alamy, a company called Stockimo. A friend was tossing her iPhone 4 and I grabbed it up just for the camera. I used it until I could afford the iPhone X.

I limit these images to 10 inches on the long side, but be careful about blowing them up that big. Check the resolution and focus before adding them to your editorial pieces. Make sure they will blow up to the size you need.

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