Learning To See: Out Your Window

This week the challenge is all about what is out your window.

The Goal:

The Corona Virus has really changed our lives in the past few weeks, hasn’t it? In these days of sheltering in place and wondering what the future holds for us, sometimes the only view we have is what is outside our windows. Show us what you’ve been looking at these past few weeks – window frame and all, room and all, or just stand at your window/s and shoot what’s out there. Use some of the recent Learning To See topics like looking up or looking down, or any of the others, that may help you expand on seeing things outside your inside environment.

Read through the Learning To See description to make sure you get why and how you are doing the challenge. Make sure that the composition of your images are 100% about the challenge.

Always experiment with variations on the weekly theme within the subjects of the challenge – composition, contrast, shape, texture, colors, light, shadow, perspective, framing …

If you have questions about this challenge, post them on the comments below and they will be answered there.

Post links to your 36-images in the comments below!

Kimberly Kradel

Artist, Writer, Photographer. Publisher of ARTIST-AT-LARGE.

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