Making Prints
Adding prints to the web site!

Making Prints

Kimberly Kradel :: Print Experiment
Adding prints to the web site!

Are you looking for image prints that will bring nature into your living space? Have you seen a photograph on this site that is just what you are looking for?

Prints are now available for some of the more thoughtful images that I’ve taken over the years.

I’ve been wanting to offer these for quite some time, but it took a little bit of finangling on my part to make the system work. The image above – which shows the unboxing in my neighbor’s back yard as I was expecting a tube, not a box, and didn’t have room in The Pod to open it up – shows the three sample prints that I test-ordered through this site. The largest one is 20×30, then 12×18, and 4×6. All measurements are the size of the paper. I chose to sample print those sizes as a sort of small, medium, and large example to check on my editing skills as well as to see how the files would print at various sizes. I actually like the smaller 4×6 and think it’s too bad that notecards aren’t a thing anymore. But a collection of small prints would be fun.

I will be adding files ongoing. If there is an image in the stock galleries that you would like to see made available as a print, leave a comment on the image, or if you have a general request, you can leave it in the comments below, and I will make note of it!

You can find the link to prints in the navigation bar at the top of the page – just click on “Prints“!

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