Photo Of The Day: Pacific Ocean Wild Child
Point Reyes National Seashore is un Marin County on the Pacific coast of northern California in the United States.

Photo Of The Day: Pacific Ocean Wild Child

The Pacific Ocean the day after the West Coast “Bomb Cyclone”

There is something about wild surf that makes me insanely happy. The magnitude of the feeling of the push/pull of the waves. The wilder the better. The bigger the waves the better. The more sound of crashing on the beach the better. The windier the better. If it happens to be raining at the same time? Then BOOYAH!

I have a portrait series of the Pacific Ocean that I did last week, that includes the image posted here. They were taken on the same day trip as the previous post of the Tule Elk.

I am thinking that these are more than the stock photos that I usually take while I’m traveling about. I am debating with myself as to whether these Pacific Ocean portraits should actually be fine art prints. My fine art is not very literal. It is visually abstract. And I am trying to make a connection with these literal Pacific Ocean portraits with my conceptual/abstract fine art work. A connection that would count for something. The one word that might connect them?


Capturing the ocean in a random act of chaos.

I think I might put these aside and add to the collection this winter if I can make a few more stormy trips over to the coast.

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